Inter-company vaccination centre opens in the Chamber of Commerce

Offer for SMEs without in-house doctors - ongoing vaccine shortage in Hamburg
09 June 2021

The Chamber of Commerce and UKE's Outpatient Centre have opened an inter-company vaccination centre at the Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg. The new centre should allow SMEs without company doctors to vaccinate their employees, according to Norbert Aust, President of the Chamber of Commerce. The involvement of such doctors could give the vaccination campaign a new boost and become essential in the fight against the pandemic.

Vaccinations as soon as possible

Melanie Leonhard, Senator for Health, remarked: "The preparations made for vaccination routes in the Chamber of Commerce and with many companies are significant to carry out a high number of vaccinations as soon as possible. They indicate the efficiency and co-operatve strength of Hamburg's business community." Vaccinations by company doctors would relieve the burden on GPs and reach people without a doctor, Leonhard said. The company doctors receive their vaccine from the vaccine manufacturers via the pharmacies similar to GPs' practices. 

UKE's outpatient centre to carry out vaccinations

Staff from UKE's Outpatient Centre will carry out the vaccinations and provide part of the required IT structure. "As a subsidiary of the UKE Outpatient Centre, we have an opportunity to provide companies and institutions with occupational medicine services," said Tillmann Halbuer, Commercial Director of the Outpatient Centre. Companies that wish to have their employees vaccinated at the Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg can put the names on a waiting list under the e-mail address