Chamber of Commerce and UV Nord adopt corona proposal

Commerce in Hamburg calls for more involvement in strategy and coverage of tests expenses
26 April 2021
Handelskammer Hamburg

The employers' association UV Nord and the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg have passed a joint resolution on corona and urged politicians to involve companies closely in measures to fight the pandemic, a press release said Wednesday (April 21, 2021). The healthcare system must be better equipped for pandemics in future. Now is the time to plan a strong, economic restart with the help of a north German innovation strategy.

Calls for cost coverage of testing in companies

The involvement of company doctors in the national vaccination strategy is positive, according to the associations. "The political sphere must settle the supply of vaccines, logistics, billing and liability with companies, so that they can make low-threshold and time-efficient offers and play a key role in the vaccination campaign," said Uli Wachholtz, President of UV Nord. Commerce in Hamburg is prepared to input crisis management to model projects as well as the triad of vaccination, testing and digital follow-up. In reference to mandatory tests in companies, the Chamber of Commerce and UV Nord called for minimum bureaucracy and urged the German government to cover the costs.

North German innovation strategy to fight repercussions 

A co-ordinated north German approach and a joint innovation strategy are needed to deal with the economic repercussions of the pandemic. "We must now tackle the issues that will lead our economic region into the future. This includes green hydrogen, an innovative trade metropolis or a science location that radiates far beyond northern Germany. Now is the time to exit the crisis with innovation," said Norbert Aust, President of the Chamber of Commerce. The public health service must assessed in terms of digitalisation to bolster its resilience to future pandemics. Corporate plans for tackling pandemic situations must be reviewed frequently.