Aust calls for coronavirus test tracks in companies

Every second company to carry out in-house tests, Chamber of Commerce survey finds
26 March 2021
Rapid coronavirus tests

Almost 50 per cent of German companies are offering their employees regular tests for coronavirus or plan to do so soon, according to a survey of 8,000 companies by the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK). Norbert Aust, President of Hamburg's Chamber of Commerce, has urged companies in the city to set up in-house test tracks.

Chamber of Commerce offering consultations 

"Rapid tests must be used unbureaucratically and swiftly as a tool for (re-) opening and to combine infection protection and economic life," said Aust, who hailed existing corporate testing opportunities in Hamburg a "great signal". He noted: "Coupled with well-developed hygiene concepts, they are making an important contribution to containing the pandemic." Yet, a lack of information on how to handle the tests is prompting firms not to introduce them. Smaller companies can now consult the Chamber of Commerce about such measures.

Companies open to coronavirus tests

Around 42 per cent of Hamburg-based firms in the metal and electrical industries are willing to offer their employees coronavirus tests on a voluntary basis, a snap survey by AGV Nord and Nordmetall found earlier. Around 33 per cent of companies were at least considering offering tests. "We want to and will continue our efforts to at least give our employees and their families more security from the virus," said Julian Bonato, Chairman of AGV Nord.