Hamburg's economy to become climate-neutral by 2040

Chamber of Commerce adopts climate resolution - concrete measures from 2022
15 December 2021
Sandtor Park

The plenum of the Chamber of Commerce has adopted a resolution that aims to make Hamburg climate-neutral by 2040. Commerce in Hamburg is committed to its responsibility for climate protection, according to the resolution. Hamburg would become a role model and a driving force for other regions. 

Concrete starting points

"Our resolution is a commitment to building a climate-neutral, competitive and prosperous economy," said Norbert Aust, President of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. "We must confront climate change resolutely while seizing the opportunities of a sustainable economic livelihood." The Chamber of Commerce will also develop concrete starting points for ambitious climate protection with companies, politics, administration and society next year.

Climate resolution marks a departure

The economy needs "an effective governmental regulatory framework with binding goals and targeted incentives for economically viable solutions," Aust added. The climate resolution marks a departure. "Experience to date shows effective climate protection requires huge innovation and technology schemes and enormous investments." That offers both risks and opportunities. "Entrepreneurs are willing to take those on," he added.