Hamburg eases corona restrictions on hotels and restaurants

Restaurants and hotels to reopen doors from May 13
12 May 2020
Fairmont Vier Jahreszeiten

The senate agreed Tuesday (May 12, 2020) to ease more restrictions, imposed amid the coronavirus crisis, from Wednesday. The regulations apply to meetings of families in public places, visits to care facilities, shops, bars, hotels and restaurants, schools and daycare centres, sports and tourism. The ordinance takes effect on May 13, 2020 and  implements decisions taken at a meeting of state prime ministers in Hamburg, according to a statement by the Ministry for Health and Consumer Protection. 

Danger not averted

"Hamburg is taking a step back to normal public life with the new legal ordinance. The discipline and consideration shown by the people of Hamburg has made this is possible, as reflected by the steadily declining infection figures of the past days and weeks. But we must remain cautious.The coronavirus has not disappeared. For this reason, restrictions on social distance and contact restrictions must still be strictly adhered to. We don't want to end up in a situation where we have to restrict freedom again because of rising infection rates," said Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks, Senator for  Health. 

General contact restrictions

The general rule on remaining 1.50 metres distant from another person remains in place and forms the basis for all other contacts. The rules on wearing face masks e.g. on public transport and in shops apply fully. Social contacts are only possible under strict conditions. Until now, only members of the same household and one other person were allowed to meet outside. From Wednesday, people living in the same apartment may meet people residing together in another flat outside. The new rules permit a maximum ten people to meet in a public space.

Opening centres of of education

The education system as well as child and youth welfare centres have been hit by the closures. The first steps towards normal operations are now underway provided people can be protected from infection. The senate has agreed to allow public and private education centres as well as language, integration, professional language institutions and first orientation course providers to offer courses under certain conditions.

More emergency care in nursery schools

Extended emergency care will be provided in day care centres, which will remain open for children in need of urgent care and will be expanded flexibly and in stages. Five and six-year-old children will also be cared for from May 18, 2020 in addition to children whose parents work in structurally and systemically relevant professional fields (e.g. police, fire brigade, hospital, nursing, integration assistance, utilities) single parents or those who are dependent on care for family reasons.  

Restaurants and hotels to open under certain conditions

Bars and restaurants can also reopen, if the seating or standing area allows guests to remain 1.50 metres apart from each other or if suitable partitions are placed between them. Employees must wear a face mask when in direct contact with guests. Buffets are not permissible. Guests' contact details must also be registered. Hotels, holiday homes etc. may reopen for tourists, if certain requirements are met. The restriction on opening only 800 square metres of shop space has been lifted. The requirements on hygiene, adhering to social distancing rules and wearing a face mask remain in place.

Personal hygiene services

Providers of personal care services, i.e. beauty salons, nail studios, massage parlours, tattoo studios can also reopen their doors after hair salons reopened on May 4. Customers' contact details must be saved, should the need for tracing infection paths arise. These service providers must show how they intend to protect their clients and themselves from infections. The fifth amendment to the Hamburg SARS-CoV-2 Containment Ordinance is valid until May 31, 2020 and can be found on