Funding for crowdfunding campaigns enters second round

City and Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft providing another EUR 100,000
07 December 2020

Hamburg's crowdfunding campaign is now entering its second round. Applicants can apply to the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft for up to EUR 5,000 in funds and professional advice for their campaigns. Some 53 projects have received EUR 225,000 since its launch in April by the Ministry of Culture and Media and Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft. The grants can be used for creative industry services and will likely have a doubly positive impact on the local sector. 

Support for local cultural and creative industries

"There are only winners in Hamburg's crowdfunding campaign funding. The campaigns can become more professional and promising with the funding. Stakeholders in the creative industries receive orders during the crisis for improved business concepts, videos, texts, graphics, animations etc. for the campaigns," said Egbert Rühl, Managing Director of Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft. The funds provided by the ministry boost campaign starters' initiatives and achieve a leverage effect as every euro spent creates a multiple. 

Some 36 completed or recently-launched crowdfunding projects have received around EUR 150,000 and raised over EUR 880,000 in private funds or leverage of 590 per cent. The Ministry of Culture and Media is providing another EUR 100,000 from Hamburg's protective shield in cultural aid for crowdfunding campaigns in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Art and sustainable textiles

Open Studio, for instance, is among the successfully completed crowdfunding campaigns. The online media library offers insight into studios across Hamburg and free access to portraits of local artists. Kushel, a start-up specialising in sustainable wooden towels, received EUR 75,667 in funds from Hamburg’s crowdfunding campaign. 

Commissioning creative industries’ services

The subsidy can be used to commission services from creative industries e.g., graphic design, photo or video productions, text or advertising services. Entrepreneurs including freelancers, companies, associations and foundations based in Hamburg, who wish to launch a crowdfunding campaign and need creative support, are eligible to apply.