Events with up to 1,000 people possible under new law

Culture not excluded despite corona
02 July 2020
Concert in Prinzenbar during Reeperbahn Festival

The Schmidts Tivoli will be among the first theatres in Hamburg to resume operations on Thursday (July, 2 2020) after the senate passed a law permitting the resumption of cultural events under conditions that adhere to corona-linked restrictions. Carsten Brosda, Senator for Culture and Media, will attend the premiere of "Paradiso" with curtain-up at 8 pm.

Visitor numbers hinge on nature of event 

Up to 1,000 persons can attend outdoor events with fixed seating and up to 650 persons in closed rooms. Up to 200 persons can attend outdoor events without fixed seating and up to 100 participants in closed rooms as distance requirements are otherwise hampered. If alcohol is served during an event without fixed seats, the number of participants is halved.

Hygiene and distance requirements

The legal distance requirement of 1.5 metres remains effective and a hygiene concept must be drawn up and presented on request. The organsers must record the visitors' contact details. Large events with 1,000 or more participants remain banned until October 31, 2020. Discotheques and music clubs remain closed to the public under the new law. 

Planning security for new season

Brosda noted: "The new law marks an important step towards a new normality. Cultural events are again possible under certain conditions. This gives cultural institutions the necessary planning security, especially in view of the upcoming season. The law outlines clear and uniform regulations needed to protect visitors and at the same time open up many ways of experiencing culture again."

Need for artistic intervention

The senator added: "Together with the German government, we continue to work on aid to partially compensate for loss of income and the costs of the required protective measures. We stand by cultural institutions and artists in solidarity. Now is the time for us to come out of the standstill of the last few months and make what is feasible possible and in a responsible manner. We need artistic intervention to broaden our horizons and stir up debate especially at a time when society has a lot to talk about." 

Hopes are now high that the new law gives cultural institutions standard guidelines on how to prepare for the resumption of events. More information can be found on