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tesa Invests Into The Hamburg Metro Region

Close to Hamburg airport, tesa SE completed the largest investment project of the company's history. Official inauguration on 28 January 2016

In close vicinity to Hamburg Airport, the tesa SE invested 160 million euro into a building complex housing a research and technology centre and headquarters. On a 86,000 square metres block of land at Niendorfer Strasse, tesa now completed its largest project of corporate history launched three years ago. On 7 September 2012, the Beiersdorf Board had approved the pioneering building concept. Following the ground-breaking ceremony in November 2012, structural work begann in March 2013. More than 1,000 guests celebrated the topping-out ceremony in December 2013.

Official Inauguration on 28 January 2016

Already on 1 July 2015, the technology centre and its 45 employees was the first unit to be relocated from Eimsbüttel to Norderstedt. In the technology centre, engineers are developing, for example, innovative, environmentally friendly production for tesa’s 90 plants. They also test the production of different product samples for new adhesive applications or industrial and consumer use before they are being manufactured by tesa works in series.

Part two of the relocationo followed by mid-September. Within three days, more than 7,000 cartons packed by some 700 staff were tracked to Norderstedt. On18 December, also the approximately 280 members of the research unit moved to tesa’s new premises. The official welcome and opening ceremony of the new integrated headquarters at Hamburg Airport has been scheduled for 28 January 2016.

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About tesa – brand and company

tesa SE (3,800 employees, around 7,000 products) is a fully owned subsidiary of Beiersdorf AG and a globally active technology group. Almost 80 percent of its revenue (2011: 947 million euros) is earned from adhesive tapes and self-adhesive system solutions for industry. Its focuses are on the automotive, consumer electronics and printing and paper business lines. More than 50 different tesa products can be found in cars and over 20 in smartphones. Its latest lines of business include growth industries like pharmaceuticals (adhesive bandages containing active ingredients). Famous throughout Germany and familiar in many European countries, tesa made its name with its transparent tesafilm® (since 1936), one of the few brand names to be found in Duden, the standard German dictionary. In DIY superstores, hypermarkets and stationery supply stores, more than 300 professional aids for offices, houses and gardens go under the tesa brand.

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