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Plenary of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce in Favour of Hamburg's Olympic Bid

Interests of the port industry should be given due consideration. Key aspects defined

The plenary of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce supports Hamburg’s bid as host of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games. This decision was taken after hot debates in the committees, based on the plenary vote of 12 December 2014 and a representative survey among member companies. In the survey, 69 per cent of companies positively welcomed Hamburg’s bid.

Interests of the Port Industry Will Have to Be Considered

In addition, the plenary wants to ensure that the interests of the business communities, and particularly of the port industry, will be “adequately” taken into account if Hamburg’s bid should succeed. “This applies both to the general conditions for the relocation of firms operating in the central and eastern parts of Kleiner Grasbrook, as well as the after-use of Kleiner Grasbrook after the 2024 games”, it says in the resolution of the General Assembly, which meets once a month. In case Hamburg’s bid should fail, Kleiner Grasbrook must continue as an area of commercial use.

Create conditions

The common goal for the main use of the land on Kleiner Grasbrook should be the peaceful co-existence of residential and commercial use and the port industry. Thus, appropriate conditions will have to be created, thus the highest decision-making body of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. In addition, the plenary said it relied “on the commitment of Hamburg’s First Mayor, that the constitutionally guaranteed debt cap will still be kept in the context of the Olympic Games”. The plenary also defined key objectives to actively monitor and support the chamber’s policy and projects in regard to the games.

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