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Otto Group eröffnet ersten eigenen Coworking Space © OTTO GROUP

Otto Group opens first co-working space in Hamburg

"Collabor8" to boost new, collaborative culture - focus on flexibility and creativity

Otto Group has recently opened its first co-working space called “Collabor8” across 1,700 square metres in Hamburg-Bramfeld for employees. Staff can work freely in a relaxed atmosphere that boosts flexibility, networking and creativity as part of the company’s bid to push ahead with digital transformation.

Creativity across 1,700 square metres

“Collabor8 stands for a space with infinite opportunities and epitomizes the new culture at the Otto Group: open, networked, people-friendly and flexible,” stressed Benjamin Otto, Member of the Otto Group Supervisory Board, during the opening. “This place symbolises far more than a co-working space for me. It is a meeting place, a place for creativity and ideas and indicates the transformation underway in the entire group at the same time.” Benjamin Otto initiated the idea of the spacious, co-working space for 199 people on the eighth floor of Building No. 5 at the company’s headquarters.

Open to staff in subsidiaries

Dr. Gesa Hinrichs, Director of Facility Management at OTTO, stressed: “The new co-working space serves as a valuable enhancement to our existing work surroundings. It is another, visible sign of Cultural Transformation 4.0 during which different work areas in our company have been overhauled and adjusted for flexible working in the coming years.” Collabor8 does not have an admission system and is open to all staff. Employees at the group’s subsidiaries can use the space temporarily or in between appointments at headquarters.

Focus on living atmosphere and functionality

“Our objective was to create a modern, flexible and alternative area for project work, meetings, lectures, discussions and product presentations,” said David Einsiedler, architect and Manager of PLY unestablished furniture. This has resulted in an attractive space for collaborating and communicating that emphasises functionality and employee-friendliness.

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