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Hamburg's Marketing Industry Satisfied With Business Performance

Budgets should be increasingly invested into digital media

Hamburg’s marketing industry is satisfied with its current business situation and continues to look optimistically into the future. This is the result of a recent survey conducted by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the Marketeer Club Europe e.V., and the marketing consulting agency of Meinecke & Rosengarten GmbH. “With a balance of +60, the positive evalutation of the current market performance and fiscal situation clearly outweighs the negative one”, said Prof. Hans-Jörg Schmidt-Trenz, CEO Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

The self-assessment of the industry is also more positive than the assessment by all the general economy (+19.6). The outlook for the current year is estimated as “favourable” by 35 per cent of respondents. Nine per cent of respondents is expecting a ‘less favorable’ business performance. Compared to last year, the perception thus hardly changed.

Investment In Digital Media

Also constant remained the marketing budget, a two-year comparison showed. 64 per cent of the surveyed clients in the marketing industry expect a consistent budget (balance of rising and falling expectations: +4) in 2015 and 57 per cent of respondents in agencies (balance: 0). On the question of the future workforce, 43 per cent of the surveyed agencies and 22 per cent clients expect an increase. The largest increase is recruitment is expected in sales/distribution (62 per cent) and in communication/public relations (36 per cent).

Also, respondents want to invest more of their budget into digital media. In agencies, the strongest growth is seen in mobile (net: +78) and online (net: +74) while clients, somewhat more restrained, expected the greatest plus in online (net: +56) and social media (balance +38).

Recruitment Of Junior Staff Slightly Easier

The supply of qualified junior staff has improved slightly since 2012, is the general pinion of Hamburg’s marketing industry. 52 per cent of respondents say that the chances of finding young talent are “good” to “satisfactory” compared to 2012’s 47 per cent. However, the assessment of the agencies is by far more skeptical than by clients.

The marketing barometer is a joint project of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the Marketeer Club Europe e. V. and Hamburg marketing consultants of Meinecke & Rosengarten GmbH. Published once a year since 2012, it defines current developments and trends in Hamburg-based marketing companies with more than 100 staff.

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