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Haspa gets more new customers

Hamburger Sparkasse announces solid annual results. Balance sheet total hits EUR42.6 billion

The Hamburger Sparkasse AG (Haspa) gained 70,000 new customers in 2015 and increased both its customer deposits and loan accommodation. After taxes in 2015 and similar to the previous year, Haspa’s annual result amounted to EUR80 million. Dr. Harald Vogelsang, Board Spokesman for Haspa, said: “We are satisfied with this result. It allows us to strengthen our equity which is good for Haspa and our customers.”

Customer business expanded

Haspa’s balance sheet total increased by around EUR700 million to a good EUR 42.6 billion in 2015. The growth is due to expanded customer business, according to Haspa. The bank gained more than EUR 1 billion on the liabilities side through deposits. Savings deposits grew robustly to around EUR 575 million despite low interest rates. On the assets side, loan portfolios came to around EUR30.2 billion and were EUR 700 million higher than in 2014. New loans increased by around EUR 1.4 billion to about EUR 6.4 billion.

Increased earnings

Interest surplus came to around EUR 745 million and was EUR 68 million higher than in 2014. In view of low interest rates, Haspa said the 10 per cent growth was the most important source of increased earnings. Rising stocks in customer business and investment incomes had had a positive effect. The commission surplus increased by around 6 per cent to about EUR 278 million driven mainly by increasing security transactions.

Positive outlook

Haspa expressed optimism about the future despite low interest rates and regulation issues. Vogelsang said: “We expect solid results in 2016 again. Our regional set up and special proximity to customers across all channels will allow us to seek further growth with our clients.”

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