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Hamburg's economic growth above the national average

Commerce in Hamburg growing by 1.7 per cent - Cisco study proves above-average digital level

Industry and construction proved to be important drivers of Hamburg’s economic growth in an overall successful year 2018. The number of people in employment rose by 1.2 per cent or 15,000 to a record 1.26 million. The number of employees in jobs liable for social insurance payments came to 2.4 per cent in 2018 over the previous year.

Hamburg scores with digital maturity

Hamburg is often ranked an innovative and digital location. And the level of digitalisation in Hamburg is above the national German average, according to the latest study by Cisco . The city notched up top scores in terms of developing skilled workers, infrastructure and use of technology. Hamburg is also ahead in the start-up ecosystem and performs better than Berlin.

Hamburg in future

Commenting on the growth, Senator Michael Westhagemann, President of the Authority for Economics, Transport and Innovation, noted: “We have a vibrant start-up and founder’s scene. We are on the right track to becoming Hamburg of the future with our research and development parks and our successful clusters. We will continue to pursue this development and expand it with industry and science.”

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