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Hamburg's Chamber of Commerce starts co-operation exchange

Platform helps firms find suitable partners - also attractive for universities and colleges

The Chamber of Commerce Hamburg is to provide a free exchange to help SMEs find co-operating partners in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, according to an announcement Wednesday (December 14).

Help with succession plan

Stephan Klatt-Wenderodt, a spokesman for the “SME Creation and Development” division at the Chamber of Commerce, said: “Thanks to a wide range of themes, the Chamber of Commerce’s co-operation exchange is suitable especially for firms and founders.” The platform covers issues such as customer service, personnel development, shareholdings and planning a successor.

Successor issues are becoming a challenge for senior managers in Germany despite the growing interest in take-overs. Klatt-Wenderodt added: “Universities and research institutes could also benefit from issues like research and development, production and manufacturing as well as distribution and marketing.”

Searching for fields of co-operation and sectors

Existing offers or searches can be found onö The adverts can be filtered according to fields of co-operation and sectors. The platform is suitable for firms, founders, universities and research centres.

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