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Hamburg ranked among world's top cities for jobseekers

Hanse city comes fourth out of 100 - survey selects best cities for jobs

Hamburg is considered one of the most attractive cities for jobseekers worldwide, according to a survey by Movinga. The Hanseatic city ranked fourth out of 100 locations. Compared to other German cities, Hamburg scored mainly in terms of total employment and disposable income. The U.S. city of Boston ranked first followed by Munich and Calgary in Canada.

Four German cities in top 10

The survey examined 14 factors such as economic advantages for start-ups and established companies, standard of living including disposable income and health services, inclusion of young people as well as women and expats in the labour market. Four German cities namely Munich (2), Hamburg (4), Stuttgart (5) and Frankfurt (9) ranked among the top 10 cities. Finn Age Hänsel, Managing Director of Movinga, said the good performance of German cities was due mainly to an exemplary health system, low youth unemployment and equal opportunities for women, “which make Germany a very attractive nation for talented job seekers from all over the world”.


Statistics from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the World Bank and the World Economic Forum were analysed for the survey. The aim was to understand why and where people move. According to the company, the workplace was identified as the main reason people move.

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