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StepStone Mobilitätsreport: Hamburg führt das Ranking der Wunscharbeitsorte an © Neuroth

Ranking: Hamburg is most popular place to work

Specialists and managers open to job-related relocation - hinges on attractiveness of location

Almost half of Germans can imagine moving for work reasons, but this hinges on a location’s attractiveness. Hamburg topped the ranking of favourite places to work, according to the recent StepStone Mobility Report on occupational mobility in Germany. Some 24,000 specialists and managers had been surveyed on behalf of the StepStone for the report.

Hamburg leads ranking

StepStone Mobilitätsreport
Hamburg tops ranking © StepStone GmbH

Dr. Anastasia Hermann, Head of Research at StepStone, commented: “The mobility report shows that Germany’s major cities are suitable for skilled workers from almost all regions. Hamburg leads the ranking of the most popular places of work, followed by Munich and Berlin.” Hamburg is particularly popular among marketing specialists. The interviewees prefer to use public transport (44 per cent) to commute to work followed by the use of their own cars (43 per cent). Hamburg was well below the German average of 67 per cent who travel to work by car every day. Almost 20 per cent of people in Hamburg enjoy the fresh air on their way to work and prefer bicycles as a means of transport.

Job mobility factors

A comparison of the professional groups shows that scientists, doctors and engineers are very flexible. Nurses, on the other hand, often feel connected to their present location. Age is a decisive factor in terms of job mobility: among the under-30s, only 29 per cent are location-based, and this figure rises to 44 per cent among 41 to 50-year-olds. In view of job mobility, respondents also believe that flexible working time models are among an employer’s most important offers.

Sources and further information:

StepStone Mobility Report

StepStone conducted an online survey of 24,000 specialists and managers in Germany in Q1 of 2018. The interviewees included around 20,000 specialists without responsibility for personnel and 4,000 managers. StepStone also surveyed around 4,000 recruiters and managers.

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