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Hamburg continues to grow

Steady population growth • 18,000 births in 2013 • Inner city most attractive residential district

On 31 December 2013, Hamburg’s population had grown to 1.746,342 inhabitants. Women accounted for 51.5 per cent, men for 48.5 per cent. Compared to 2012,, Hamburg enjoyed a plus of 0.7 per cent or a total of 12,000 inhabitants. 87 per cent of locals are Germans, 13 per cents are migrants.

Positive migration

The main reason for the increase in population is Hamburg’s positive migration balance, with 97,000 people moving to the banks of the Elbe and Alster river, and only 84,000 leaving the city. Hamburg thus boasts a positive net migration of 13,000 people. Migration from people with foreign roots was signifantly highter than migration from other German states.

18,000 newborn boys and girls

Also, the balance of natural population movement was as positive as in previous years. In 2013, 18,000 boys and girls were born in Hamburg. With only 17,000 deceased, a positive balance of approximately 1,000 persons results.Other changes led Hamburg to a reduction in population by 2,000 people.

Hamburg’s seven districts show a different picture in regard to absolute changes in population. With an increase of 2,700 people, Hamburg-Mitte enjoyed the largest growth ahead of Eimsbuettel with a gain of 2,500, and Hamburg-Nord with a plus of 2,400 people. The district of Altona grew by more than 2,000 inhabitants, while hovering at a low 1,000 in Bergedorf Harburg and Wandsbek. In percentages, changes ranged from plus 0.2 per cent in the district Wandsbek to plus one per cent in Hamburg-Mitte.

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