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Hamburg Companies Announce Higher Investments

"Hamburger Industry barometer" by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the Industry Association Hamburg gives positive signals, with 30.8 per cent of companies planing increased investments

The outlook is good for Hamburg’s industry in the second half of 2015: 25.6 per cent of the companies that participated in the latest “Hamburg Industry Barometer“expect a “somewhat favourable” development of their business situation, and only 14.1 per cent “somewhat unfavorable” or unchanged conditions. The positive balance of 11.5 per cent clearly exceeds the previous year’s figure (3.5 per cent) and confirms the positive trend of the previous quarter.

Positive Feedback Exceeded

With 114.5 points, the business climate indicator of Hamburg’s industry shows an even more positive performance the the already good forecasts for all sectors of Hamburg’s economy (114.2 points). Compared to the end of last year, the industry index has thus increased by 17.1 points. The willingness to invest also increased considerably: with 30.8 per cent of industrial companies forecasting an increase in their investments, and only 8.4 per cent a decrease. This results in a positive balance of 22.5 points, which significantly exceeds the positive second quarter.

More Investments in Digitisation

“We believe that a significant part of investments will flow into industry 4.0 projects,” says Michael Westhagemann, head of IVH Industry Association Hamburg and Vice President of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. “In an unpublished survey by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, 86 per cent of companies said in June that they will increase their investment in the digitisation of production and business processes in the next three years,” said Westhagemann.

The “Hamburger Industry Barometer” is a special edition of the “Hamburger Economic Barometer”. For the industry barometer, only the answers of the manufacturing industry are (sometimes including construction) are being evaluated. Each quarter, 1,100 companies from all sectors are being surveyed by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce sectors are surveyed, with some 60 per cent returning answers. The survey for the second quarter of 2015 took place in July 2015.

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