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Gruner + Jahr study points to advantages of influencer marketing

New study indicates effects of influencer campaigns and do's and don'ts for advertisers

A new study by G+J e|MS has determined concrete effects of influencer marketing, a press release said Tuesday. The study focused on how brands and influencers work together, whether there is a risk of losing credibility and how to design a campaign to benefit both user and brand. Marketing experts as well as influencers and their followers have been interviewed for the study. The authors have also drawn up a list of do’s and don’ts in terms of influencer marketing.

Increased buyer-readiness

The followers found influencers to be mostly honest and independent even though users perceive influencers’ messages as brand communication, according to the study.

Using influencers has several positive effects, the study found. Followers notice when influencers mention a brand and relate the influencer’s exact message clearly to an advertised brand. Growth of 28.2 per cent means influencers draw great amounts of attention to a brand.

When an influencer mentions a certain brand, this can lead to higher rates of likeability, trust and credibility in the brand. Co-operating with an influencer can increase the readiness to buy a brand an average of 23 per cent. The readiness to recommend a label rises by 31 per cent, if an influencer has been involved. The G+J e|MS study also contains practical tips for dealing with influencers and shows how best to exploit this type of marketing.

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