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Germany's First "Le Creuset Shop" Opened In Hamburg

Premiere at Hamburg's upmarket arcade Levantehaus. Further shops to open in Germany

Le Creuset is known around the world for its cast iron range of cooking materials. Cast iron has been used as “the” material for cooking pots since Roman times. The French company started its roll-out on the German market by opening a store in Hamaburg.

Colourful World Of Cooking

Since the opening of its foundry in Fresnoy le Grand in 1925, Le Creuset has conquered the world with 230 brand shops, with further to follow. Le Creuset’s managing director Oliver Zeroni and Ingo Gatermann, shop manager of Levantehaus, now opened the first German Le Creuset shop at Levantehaus.

The window displays already signals the pleasures of cooking with bright colours such as Dijon yellow and fennel green. Trend colour of the year is, however, Cool Mint. Offering professional cookware from multi-layer material and the aluminum non-stick products, Le Creuset also plans to included cooking demonstrations and tastings in the shop’s agenda.

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