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Foundation Stone Laid At NXP Semiconductors

Hamburg's First Mayor Olaf Scholz and Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel jointly laid the foundation stone for NXP Semiconductors' new office building at Hamburg-Lokstedt

Rudy Stroh, CEO of NXP Semiconductors Germany GmbH, was the third high-ranking official to participate in the ceremony. Scheduled to be completed by spring 2017, the new building will provide space for up to 550 office jobs. The new office building is a project of the Hamburg-based property developer Quantum Immobilien AG.

More Research In Hamburg

Federal Minister Gabriel welcomed NXP’s decision to expand research and development in Hamburg: “This is a clear sign of Germany’s economy and for Hamburg’s positive business climate. With its excellence centres in Germany, NXP occupies key markets of the future. Security is a prerequisite for digitization. Only, if consumers and businesses are confident that the technology they use is working at any time, and that their data will be safe no matter what happens, only then, they will start to use cloud solutions, smart homes, smart cars, and smart factories. Business and politics are constantly striving to provide and safeguard the basis for this trust – by secure software and hardware “made in Germany” as well as a reliable political framework.”

Foundation Stone For Technological Progress

Hamburg’s First Mayor Olaf Scholz said: “As a company, NXP is actively involved in shaping our future. By laying the foundation stone, another milestone for technological progress has been reached today, both a virtual and a very real one.“ Scholz continued: “To improve life for all, es to improve public services, expand digital infrastructure and strengthen Hamburg’s digital economy. To this end, the Hamburg Senate adopted a “Digital City Strategy”. Whether one personally approves of the digitization of all areas of life personally is not the question, it still takes place at high speed. We thus need to turn the threat into a challenge, and take up its chances. In doing so, we rely on the high engineering expertise and economic competence of companies that are active in our city in this very interesting sector.” These companies, thus Scholz, include NXP.

Global Champion From Hamburg

NXP Semiconductors is the global market leader in many areas of application of the increasingly networked world – from secure, contactless payment to technologies for autonomous driving. With the expansion of its innovative of production facility in Hamburg, also research and development is growing. At its premises in Hamburg-Lokstedt, NXP operates one of its global centres of excellence in security technologies and connected vehicles.

Closely Associated With Hamburg For 90 Years

For more than 90 years, NXP has been closely linked to the Hanseatic city, where its currently employs approximately 1,800 staff. In 2015, NXP will set up a Junior Professor for Security in Information Technology at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg. Furthermore, NXP has teamed up with Hamburg to implement pilot projects of intelligent traffic control, which will help to avoid accidents and to improve traffic flow. Thus, the communication of pedestrians and vehicles will be enhanced by intelligent traffic lights and priority circuits for buses and emergency vehicles. In addition, the port of Hamburg is discussing intelligent solutions for container logistics.

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