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EDEKA is Hamburg's first national partner in the Olympic bid

German supermarket group signs deal as premium sponsor. Panini picture book launched with 132 stickers supporting Olympics in Hamburg

EDEKA has become the first sponsor of the Hamburg 2024 bid for the Olympic Sumer and Paralympic Games. The Hamburg-headquartered supermarket group will become a top-tier national partner of the bid, with exclusive rights in the food trade and nutrition categories. The deal will run until the International Olympic Committee (IOC) makes its decision on the host of the 2024 Games at its session in Lima, Peru in September 2017.The Hamburg 2024 bid team has created three sponsorship tiers: national partner, patron, and friend. Edeka, a supporter of Hamburg’s bid from the very start, has chosen the highest category.

Great Trust by the Economy

Hamburg 2024 managing director Nikolas Hill said: “The bid committee is very pleased to sign a locally based , strong partner, but one whose 4,000 locations across the country showed this was a bid for all of Germany. The fact EDEKA signed the contract at such an early stage reflects the great trust of the economy in our concept and is a great signal for the coming months. “

Best Conditions in Hamburg

EDEKA stands behind the application, because the 2024 games are a unique opportunity for the city and the people” ,says Markus Mosa, CEO of EDEKA AG. “The 2024 Olympics in Hamburg will not only delight the citizens of Hamburg, but athletes and fans from near and far. The Hamburg locals are best to make the games a success: they are cosmopolitan, committed, and sports enthusiasts!”

Both partners are hoping for the support of the Hamburg population in the referendum. This also applies to Eric Johannesen, 2012 Olympic champion in rowing eight, who accompanied the signing ceremony: “The Olympic ideal stands for international understanding across all borders”, says Johannesen. “Especially in the light of what happened in the last few weeks, it would be a great encouragement if Hamburg sent out a clear sign of the unifying power of sport. We sportsmen also know that we need strong partners, if you will be victorious. As a Hamburg local, it has became obvious in recent months that EDEKA has been heavily promoting Hamburg’s application. Therefore, I am very pleased that the way taken will now be even more pursued by joining forces with the bid committee.”

Olympic Ambassador of the Very First Hour

The EDEKA headquarters in Hamburg have been Olympic ambassadors of the first hour. As a sponsor of the city’s Olympic “Fire & Flame” initiative, the group has been promoting Hamburg’s bid among customers and employees with a variety of actions. “We are thrilled by the idea of ​​hosting the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in in Hamburg, and we are enthusiastic about and convinced by the concept”, explains Markus Mosa.

Collecting Stickers for the 2024 Olympics

EDEKA is represented throughout Germany by approximately 7,300 EDEKA markets and more than 4,100 stores. There, customers can show their support for Olympics in Hamburg by filling Panini scrapbooks with 132 stickers. The proceeds from the sale of albums and stickers will be donated to sport projects in Hamburg. The Panini scrapbook costs 1.50 euro, a bag of five stickers 50 cents.

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