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Dole celebrates 150 years of trading fruit in Hamburg

Bananas are branded with 50 million Dole stickers in retro design

Dole is the world‘s largest provider of fresh fruit and vegetable. 150 years ago, the global player was founded in Hamburg, where it is today present with European headquarters. The history of the Hamburg fruit-trading enterprise began in the year 1863 with the Hanseatic merchant Philipp Astheimer establishing a company for auctioning fruit and vegetables. Astheimer traded with oranges and lemons brought from Italy to Hamburg by sailing ships. Today, every sixth out of ten bananas sold by Dole in Europe is imported via the Port of Hamburg.

To celebrate the jubilee, Dole published “Fruit Love – 150 Years of Fruit in Hamburg“, documenting its history and the global production chain of fruit. Following the journey of a banana from its cultivation on Dole farms in Costa Rica and Ecuador to its transport on one of the company’s 14 container ships, the book tells the fruit‘s voyage to the to ripening centre at Stelle in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region until its final destination, the Hamburg Fish Market. Since the beginning, all fruit have been branded with a Dole sticker. For its 150th anniversary, Dole will place 50 million stickers in retro design labelled “150 Years of Fruit in Hamburg” on its bananas. For six weeks, these stickers will be found on fruit all throughout Europe.

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