Hamburg News: Trade and Finance. High-class shopping area in the city centre shown.
Mercedes-Benz-Werk Hamburg © Daimler (Pressebild)

Daimler to invest 100 million euro into Hamburg site

The German car maker is investing in Hamburg, and will spend around 100 million euro in expanding its Mercedees Benz axle facility

The new production line is yet another milestone of Daimler‘s most northern site. Repositioned at the turn of the new Millennium, the Mercedes Benz plant today is active in Hamburg in four product fields: axles and axle components, steering columns, exhaust systems and lightweight technology. Furthermore, the production of plastic-metal composite parts has been developed and made ​ready for production in Hamburg. Here, metal and plastic parts are being merged to so-called polymer metal hybrid parts in a single production step. Home to this globally unique technology, Hamburg is the centre of competence for lightweight construction in Mercedes Benz‘s production network.

Hamburg‘s leading role in automotive construction is confirmed by international awards. In 2013, the Mercedes Benz facility in Hamburg was honoured by the Society of Plastics Engineers Inc. for production plant and its outstanding innovation performance with not only one, but two awards at the 15th SPE Automotive Awards. In Hamburg, Daimler currently employs around 2,600 staff.


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