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Cyclad Consulting supports TUHH - UCLA Exchange Programme

The Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) will receive funding for two fellows of the prestigious University of California, Berkeley from Cylad Consulting

Partner of Cylad Consulting and initiator of the two scholarships is Steffen Petersen, a graduate of the TUHH.

Exchange Programme with Berkeley since 1996

The “International Student Exchange Partnership Program” (ISAP) between the TUHH and UC Berkeley dates back to 1996. It allows students of engineering courses at TUHH to study at Berkeley. “We are delighted with the commitment of Cylad Consulting and the fact that a former student now makes it possible for other students to experience such an extraordinary time during her studies”, said TUHH President Garabed Antranikian.

Grateful Alumnus

The exchange programme of the next two years secured by the DAAD, students of UC Berkeley are now also able to pursue her studies at the TUHH. “During my studies, I personally benefited a lot of the exchange programmes by TUHH. It’s nice that I am now able to give something back and thus help that the programme to continue”, says Steffen Petersen, Associate Partner of Cylad Consulting. Petersen studied civil engineering at TUHH and researched his thesis at the Department of Modeling and Calculation. Prior to joining the consulting firm, Petersen worked as a post-doc researcher at Stanford University in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Even today, he is strongly connected to TUHH and participates in the annual Berkeley-Waterloo alumni meeting of the Institute of Mechanics and Ocean Engineering.

Two Exchange Researchers from the U.S.

The Partnership between the TUHH and the UC Berkeley has been initiated by the former head of the Institute of Mechanics and Ocean Engineering, Professor Edwin Kreuzer. The Institute of Mechanics and Ocean Engineering is now is pleased to welcome twoUCLA students who will conduct research in the summer for two or three months at the Institute: Alyssa Novelia, M.Sc. and Michael Sankur, M.Sc., both PhDs in mechanical engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. During their stay at the TUHH, they will be researching in the field of development of autonomous underwater vehicles.
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