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New co-operation council for Fehmarnbelt crossing

Letter of Intent signed to jointly exploit the great opportunities offered by the fixed link.

The fixed Fehmarnbelt crossing will tie Northern Europe closer to central Europe, and make the metro regions of Hamburg and Copenhagen move closer together. In order to expand existing co-operatoins and take advantage of new opportunities opened up by the Fehmarnbelt link, a cross-border co-operation council has been established .

Letter of Intent signed

Reinhard Meyer, Minister of the Economy of Schleswig-Holstein, Reinhard Meyer, Frank Horch, his Hamburg colleague, Lars Schönling, CEO of the Lübeck Chamber of Comer, Reinhard Sager, district administrator of Ostholstein, Kerstin Weiss, district administrator of Northwest-Mecklenburg, Jutta Hartwieg, district administrator Segeberg, Klaus Plöger, district administrator of Stormarn, Gerd Krämer, district administrator of the Duchy of Lauenburg, and the First Mayor of Lübeck, Bernhard Saxe, signed the respective Letter of Intent.

Council members

Members of the co-operation council will be the region’s district administrators, the First Mayor of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck, the Secretary of State of the Hamburg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport, and Innovation, the Secretary of State of Schleswig-Holstein’s Ministry of Economy, and the CEO of the Lübeck Chamber of Commerce.

source and further details:
press release of the district of Ostholstein

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