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China Logistics Centre to Set Up Trade Centre in Itzehoe

China Logistics centre to invest million of euro into bilateral trade. Partner logistics centre in Chengdu

Based in Itzehoe in the northwest of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, the China Logistics Center acquired the former Prinovis printing works to set up a center for bilateral trade with China at its home base. The Ministry of the Interior in Kiel confirmed a respective report by the Northern Germany broadcaster NDR. The Prinovis investors plan to invest several million euro in the 20-hectare site. By the investment, numerous new jobs will be created.

Demolition and Construction

To prepare the plot for the erection of the logistics centre, existing buildings will be demolished in the next weeks and be replaced. The start of operations of the new centre is scheduled for early 2016. Since the closing for the print house, the Prinovis property has been left vacant.In China a second logistics centre will be erected in Chengdu as counterpart of Itzehoe’s new CLC logistics centre.

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