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German Premiere of "Love Near Dies" in Hamburg

Andrew Lloyd Webber's Musical "The Phantom of the Opera" is living on, with part two premiered and staged at Hamburg's "Operettenhaus"

The continuation of Webber’s successful musicial takes you back t New York’s seaside playground Coney Island where the masked phantom has been hiding ten long years, yearning for his one true love and musical protégée, Christine Daaé. Lured by the bright lights and financial rewards of Coney, Christine and her family flee Manhattan to perform on stage for one last time, but Christine soon discovers the true identity of her mysterious impresario and that all is not what it seems. Calle “Lover Never Dies”, part two of the “Phantom of the Opera” premiered in Hamburg, with all 1,335 seat of State Entertainment’s “Operettenhaus” at Reeperbahn fully taken.

Andrew Lloyd Webber at the German Premiere

For his production of Webber’s musical, Simon Phillips reunited the 2011 creative team from the Australian production, starring Gardar Thor Cortes, a tenor from Island (The Phantom), Rachel Anne Moore (Christine Daaé) and Yngve Gasoy-Romdal (Raoul Vicomte de Chagny) as the stars of the 37 heads cast.

Three sequences were newly composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber for the Hamburg production: “How beautiful”, which takes up melodies from the first part of the musical, “Where the beauty hides” and “Streets of Coney Iceland”. Webber, who attended the German premiere, was very content after the show: “It is the essence of a very romantic love story. On the one hand very sad, on the other hand very uplifting. “

Old Phrasing and New Highlights

Other prominent guests alos kept praising the performance. “The whole piece is very passionate! Personally, I think the music is much more beautiful tha nin the first part”, said presenter Miriam Pielhau. Also, the producer Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen praised the musical performance. “Andrew Lloyd Webber has taken some great phrasing known from the first part, so that one feels at home. And he has built new highlights. This is truly well done! “

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Musicals in Hamburg

Hamburg is Germany’s musical capital. Each year, large musical production and many smaller shows account for more than two million visitors. In the city’s four theatres operated by Stage Entertainment, also the Bern Miracle Das Wunder von Bern, Disney’s The Lion King and Disney’s Aladdin are being performed next to “Love never dies”. The Phantom of the Opera was on show at the Stage Theater Neue Flora until the end of September.

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