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North German Tourism Industry in Positive Mood

A recent survey by IHK Nord confirms positive trends for hospitality industry northern Germany. Tourism companies still see risks for development

The positive mood in the northern German tourism industry continues to prevail. Both the hotel and restaurant sector and the tourism industry expressed satisfaction with the results of 2014’s winter half year, a trend already experience in 2013. Offers and packages by Northern German destinations, operators and the local hospitality industry seem to be highly attractive even in the off-season and ensure increases in guest figures and overnight stays.

High Level in Winter Months

More than 1,000 tourism businesses from all over northern Germany participated in the economic survey on tourism conducted by IHK North and its member chambers. In the survey, a business climate index has been developed to reflect the current mood in the industry, with 100 points set as balance point. Having moved upwards by 6.1 points to 122.9 points since early 2014, the index clearly reflects the industry’s positive outlook and estimation of an ongoing positive development. Even in winter, the index remains on a high level, with figures only reducing by 8.7 points to 116.6 index points compared to summer.

Shortage of Skilled Labour as a Major Risk

The survey by IHK Nord also summarises anticipated and possible risks of NOrthern Germany’s tourism industry. According to the survey, the hospitality industry regards the rising cost of labour, followed by skill shortages and the changing economic conditions, as the greatest danger for the economic development. Also in the travel industry, the shortage of skilled workers is one of the sector’s greatest risks.

Focusing on the International Market

“Companies and entrepreneurs active in the Northern german industry should focus more strongly on international markets – they have the greatest growth potential. However, the risks described, especially the shortage of skilled workers, must be taken seriously to safeguard and expand the competitiveness of the North-German tourism industry”, explains Christoph Weiss, chairman of the IHK Nord. To read the full economic report, please download it from IHK Nord’s website.

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