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The Miracle of Berne: World Premiere in Hamburg

World premiere for the inauguration of the new Stage musical theatre in the Port of Hamburg. Show tells a moving family story against the background of the Football World Cup in 1954

Stage Entertainment officially inaugurated its new theatre on the banks of the river Elbe on Sunday, 23 November, with the world premiere of the musical “The Miracle of Berne”. Produced by Stage Entertainment, die new show is based on a blockbuster film by Sönke Wortmann.

First New Musical Theatre For 20 Years

Owner Joop van den Ende: “After 20 years, Hamburg finally sees the opening of a new musical theatre, with State Entertainment opening its new venue on the banks of the Elbe river in the Port of Hamburg.For the premiere, we were looking for a show worth the honour of the inauguration show, and for the celebration of a world premiere in Germany’s musical capital. Thus, we had to ask ourselves: should we take an international hit, or an in-house production. An in-house workshop rapidly made clear: it’s going to be a production of our own.” The Miracle of Berne tells a moving father-son story against the background of the 1954 Football World Cup. It’s about a family that finds itself, a team that grows beyond itself, and a little boy with big dreams. Joop van den Ende: “There is hardly any other event that influenced German so positively like this. The hope of the people for a better life, one nation under construction, and a unique moment that brought a breath of new life to the whole country: “The Miracle of Berne” is a piece of German history and touches all Germans.”

Hamburg, Germany’s Musical Capital

After New York and London, Hamburg is the third largest location and venue for musicals in the world. The economic activity of Stage Entertainment has a great impact on the city’s tourism revenues. Several million guests explicitly travel to Hamburg to watch its musicals. Once in the city, they stay longer than other tourists, go shopping, and enjoy other cultural facilities. With “ROCKY”, Hamburg successfully exported its first production internationally, taking Broadway in a storm.

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