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Zero-Waste-Beachclub Karo Beach © Rindermarkthalle

Karo Beach targeting zero waste - first in Germany

Beach to open outside Rindermarkthalle in Hamburg St. Pauli

Germany’s first zero waste strand, Karo Beach is due to open Wednesday (May 9, 2018) outside the Rindermarkthalle in St. Pauli. The initiators Teamgeist Nord GmbH, Stückgut-Unverpackt Einkaufen and the Rindermarkthalle are aiming for minimum consumption of energy and resources and intend offering sustainable, fair-trade products. The overall aim is to generate as little waste as possible. Blankets will replace radiant patio heaters. Plastic dishes are banned and straws will be replaced by biological drinking straws made of real straw.

Summer fun – for companies also

Karo Beach is not set to be a hotspot for young partygoers and will offer beach volleyball or beach soccer in the afternoons and be a place for friends to relax in the evening. Dominik Lorenzen, founder of Stückgut and manager of the club, noted: “St. Pauli, Schanze and the Karolinenviertel do not need another party location, but a place where you can let the children run around while you have a relaxing coffee.” Special packages and team activities will be available to firms with groups of 20 to 500 people. Marquee tents will be set up in case of bad weather. Large companies can party from 10 pm in the Rindermarkthalle. Other leisure offers e.g. a beachscape in a hut on the beach are being planned also.

Laboratory for experimenting with sustainability

One of the initiators, “Stückgut-Unverpackt Einkaufen“, opened its second branch in the Rindermarkthalle on April 4. Solely catering companies in the Rindermarkthalle are responsible for culinary offers at Karo Beach. Electronic orders will be sent to the catering companies who then serve the dishes at the table. Insa Dehne, founder of Unverpackt, said: “Karo Beach is like a laboratory for experimenting with sustainable catering ideas. We want to spread the movement all over the city.”

The zero waste approach is part of the Rindermarkthalle’s sustainability concept. Martin Bo Ahlers, Centre Manager, commented: “That includes e.g. our free parking spaces for Car2Go, the headquarters for Clever-Shuttle and a charging station for electric vehicles that we will be offering soon. Ideas for avoiding plastic waste are already being tested at our deli counter as part of our e-centre concept. We and Stückgut want to make the Rindermarkthalle Germany’s most sustainable food hotspot.“

The FCKPLASTIC campaign by the Green Music Initiative and the Clubkinder e.V. is aiming to make club and cultural life more sustainable and to free Hamburg of plastic straws in the interim. Club operators all over Hamburg are being encouraged to stop using plastic straws under the motto “Love nightlife – hate plastic: FCKSTRAWS”.

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