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Hamburg Tourism continues growth in the first six months of 2014

More overseas tourist stay in Hamburg. UK most important source market. Metro region highly benefits from the city's attraction.

Hamburg’s attraction is greater than ever: with 5.5 million overnight stays from January to June 2014, the Hanseatic city, Hamburg enjoys the 13th consecutive year of growth in tourism. Overnight stays from international visitors increased by twelve per cent. With 75.8 per cent, occupancy also reached a new height, and a new German record. No other city in Germany reports better figures in regard to hotel and room occupancy, says the Hamburg Tourism Board (HHT). In the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, the tourism industry annually generates some 11.6 billion euro, and offers work to more than 211,000 people.

Awareness of Hamburg increased in domestic and international markets

“With an increase of 3.4 per cent in overnight stays, Hamburg continues to grow on record level. The good half term results confirm the improved awareness and appreciation of Hamburg by domestic and international markets. The strong efforts by public authorities and private entrepreneurs and companies are now being honoured and rewarded. These are welcome developments for the economic impact of tourism and the protection and creation of jobs”, comments Andreas Rieckhof, Secretary of State at the Hamburg Ministry of Economy, Traffic, and Innovation, on the result.

International guests with more nights

“Hamburg is hip, and Europe is impressed by our development. The dynamics of Hamburg’s international markets is stronger than ever, with overnight stays by international guest increased by an impressive twelve per cent”, rejoices Dietrich von Albedyll, CEO of the Hamburg Tourism Board. In the past decade, overnight stays by international guests grew by 128 per cent. In addition, their contribution to the total number of nights was thus raised from 20.2 to 23.2 per cent.

With the exception of Russia (-5,6 per cent) and the United Arab Emirates (-1,9 per cent), all of Hamburg’s 20 major international source markets enjoyed solid growth. By country, the United Kingdom topped the statistics of international visitors with a growth of 2.9 per cent to 129,310 guests ahead of Denmark, which accounted for a strong 23.8 per cent growth to 129,043 guests. Hamburg’s top five markets also include Switzerland with 120,433 (+6,8 per cent), Austria 112.704 (+12,3 per cent), and the United States of America with 88.803 (+16,5 per cent).

Important employment factor in the metro region

Commissioned by the Hamburg Tourism Board, a survey of dwif Consulting confirms the importance of Hamburg’s tourism industry for the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. Each year, the tourism industry annually generates some 11.6 billion euro, and offers employment to more than 211,000 people.

In total, tourist spent 259 million days in Hamburg and its metro region, which was visited by 709.000 people per day. 25 per cent of visitors to Hamburg stated that they also visited the metropolitan area. Hamburg thus acts as a crowd-puller for the entire region.

Strong day tourism

Often underrated is the importance of day visitors, even though they are strongest segment in German tourism. In Germany, the locals made 2.9 billion day trips last year. Overnight stays amounted to 407 million nights. The same development is seen in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, with 192.4 million day visitors and 51.1 million overnight stays. When looking at the day visitors, 88.2 million people visited the city of Hamburg, 106.2 million people travelled to destinations in the metro region.

Hamburg Tourismus Board strives to increase Hamburg’s international perception and awareness

The expansion of public transport remains a key factor in the development of tourism. To inspire airlines to add services to Hamburg, the Hamburg Tourismus Board teamed up with other partners such as the Hamburg Airport to jointly invest more efforts airline marketing. In Italy, both have recently been promoting easyJet’s new services to Hamburg by posters and online ads. The success of the joint campaign is reflected by first figures. From March to June 2014, overnight stays by Italian guests increased by 43 per cent.

More activities for special target groups

Hamburg also continues to sharpen its profile in special fields of tourism such as golf, health & well-being, barrier-free tourism, and cruise tourism. HHT acts as a catalyst to structure activities and make them visible in the market. In health tourism, for instance, HHT aims to position Hamburg as an attractive destination for visitors from the UAE and Russia

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