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Networking at "South by" - tips for newcomers

Veronika Reichboth, Manager of Startup-Unit, new in Hamburg, looking forward to SXSW

Veronika Reichboth has been manager of Hamburg Invest’s Startup-Unit Hamburg since January 1. The unit is a new one-stop agency for knowledge and tech-based start-ups. Reichboth is representing Hamburg’s start-up scene for the first time at the South by Southwest (SXSW) underway in Austin, Texas. Reichoth told Hamburg News in an interview about her highlights and objectives and what makes Hamburg a special start-up location.

Hamburg News: This is your first time at SXSW. What are you expecting?

Veronika: I have heard a lot about this conference in recent years and I am very eager to experience the whole event – how it has been implemented, the panels, but also the delegates. People say the SXSW is a “breeding ground for new ideas and creative technologies” and made companies like Twitter big. So I am looking forward to see how the conference communicates these new technology trends and integrates innovations. Interestingly, networking began at the airport. There were all kinds of exciting tech people from all over the world and we swapped business cards.

Hamburg News: What items are on your bucket list?

Veronika: I am looking forward particularly to start-up pitches in the German Haus where two Hamburg-based start-ups “Qualitize and Nordantech”:“ will be taking part as well as” Sceenic”:, a start-up from London that is now based in Hamburg. Naturally, I want to go there and wish them luck.

Hamburg News: You manage the Startup-Unit Hamburg. How do you intend promoting it on an international scale during SXSW?

Veronika: We are here with many partners from Hamburg – from start-ups to agencies like fischerAppelt. We are all working hand in hand. There is nearly a whole week of events about Hamburg at SXSW and I will be presenting Hamburg as a start-up location at these events. I will also be moderating two start-up events in the German Haus and will give a keynote at Digital Media Women Day. I am excited to see what else happens.

Hamburg News: What is special about Hamburg as a start-up location?

Veronika: Hamburg has many prosperous local business sectors e.g. media, e-commerce, aviation, logistics and a very strong economic force. The established economy coupled with many good co-working spaces and professional funding offers have resulted in a vibrant start-up ecosystem. The latter is also the reason why there are so many start-ups in Hamburg with B2B solutions.

Hamburg News:Veronika, have fun and I wish you lots of success at “South by”.

Interview by Karolin Köcher

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