Hypion GmbH orders three hydrogen containers for Neumünster hub

Delivery of containers scheduled for 2024
30 November 2022

Hypion GmbH has ordered three 40-foot hydrogen transport containers from Wystrach, a subsidiary of Norway's Hexagon Purus ASA, at a cost of EUR 2.2 million for delivery in 2024, a press release said Friday (November 25, 2022). The containers will be installed in the H2 hub in Neumünster, which will be fully built in Q2 of 2023. The goal is to refuel 800 kilogrammes of hydrogen per day as part of efforts to set up a network of ten hydrogen filling stations for commercial vehicles and heavy-duty lorries in north Germany. The Schleswig Holstein Logistics Initiative as well as retail, building and logistics companies are also involved in the network.

Efficient transport and filling station

"Our Wystrach high-pressure distribution system can also be used as a mobile storage system for hydrogen refuelling stations. That lowers both the overall investment and operating costs, as it eliminates the need for fixed storage capacity and reduces the amount of energy consumed on site," said Matthias Kötter, Head of Sales at Wystrach. "The hybrid use of our distribution system allows Hyperion to transport hydrogen efficiently and to feed it into the filling station in Neumünster using the same distribution system,” he added.

2,000 kilos of hydrogen for daily refuelling 

Heavy-duty lorries will be able refuel around 2,000 kilos of hydrogen daily thereby saving more than 5,000 tons of CO2 p.a. Hypion and its partners aim to set up an integrated system involving hydrogen production, transport, sales for use in 40-ton tractor units next year. The H2 hub has received EUR 4.9 million in funds from Germany’s Climate and Transformation Fund while the companies involved have also invested millions.