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Survey: ten million Germans ready to drive e-cars by 2020.

Hamburg's energy provider LichtBlick represents result of its survey among 1,000 Germans.

One in six Germans is ready to drive an electric vehicle by 2020. And some 60 per cent of the Germans questioned by LichtBlick assumes that the e-cars will then be offered by all leading car manufacturers.
This is result of the online trend survey “Energy Revolution 2020” conducted by the Hamburg energy provider LichtBlick. In the last survey conducted two years ago, only one in seven had indicated its willingness to switch to an electric car by the end of the decade.

LichtBlick expects breakthrough

If by 2020 every sixth car actually featured electric propulsion, seven million e-vehicles would then be driven on German roads. The target of one million e-vehicles envisaged by the German Government would thus exceeded by far. In the first quarter of 2014, more than 100,000 vehicles with electric or hybrid drive were registered in Germany, including 14,000 pure electric cars. “In the coming years, we expect a breakthrough for e-mobility. The transport and the energy sector will increasingly converge,” said Gero Lucking, managing director energy sector of LichtBlick. The companies offers, inter alia, green energy products for electric vehicles. LichtBlick employs more than 400 people and generated sales of 724 million euro in 2013.

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Projects for companies

Hamburg companies that would like to offer eco-friendly cars to their staff are able to choose among 450 e-cars from different manufacturers that are being funded by the Federal Ministry of Environment. The electric cars are being provided in the frame of the R & D projects “ePowered Fleets Hamburg“. Tested in daily life, the results will provide insights into the energy balance in the company. In May, Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of Economic Affairs, Transport, and Innovation, officially launched the federal fleet project.

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