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Regional Co-Operation Plans E-Car Charging Network From Hamburg To Denmark

Feasibility study launched. 70 additional EV quick-charging stops in Hamburg by 2016.

Schleswig-Holstein’s four districts of North Frisia, Dithmarschen, Steinburg and Pinneberg are planning to establish a rapid charging stations for electric cars along the country’s development axis of the A23 motorway / B5 state road between Hamburg and the Danish border. In a first step, the regional co-operation launched a feasibility study, the project company Norderelbe stated in a press release.

Fast Charging Points Also An Option Along Other Roads

While the charging of e-cars at conventional station could last up to six hourse, fast-charging station fill up the battery of e-cars in 20 to 40 minutes for a range of 100 to 150 kilometres, depending on the car model. The proposed fast-charging network will thus enable e-cars to even cover long distances. “We will first cover the highly frequented A23 motorway and B5 state road with the new charging points”, explains Dieter Harrsen, chairman of the regional cooperation A23 / B5 and head of the district of North Frisia.

70 New Charging Station To Be Set Up In Hamburg

The feasibility study now launched aims to identify the locations for new charging points. After the surveys, negotiations with interested operators will commence. Denmark already operates a network of fast-charging stations for electric vehicles. In Norway, e-car charging stations allow to travel on to Oslo and Bergen. In Hamburg, 70 fast-charging stations are to be set up by 2016 to expand today’s six.

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