Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
HAW Campus Berliner Tor - © Elke Stagat / HAW Hamburg

Open day at Energy Campus in HAW Hamburg

Information on energy transition in Germany. Warming-up event for WindEnergy fair in Hamburg

The HAW Hamburg’s Competence Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (CC4E) is to open its doors to the public on May 28. The programme includes several offers and guided tours of the technology centre with the wind and smart grid labor. The event is part of a series by the Renewable Energies Hamburg Cluster in the run-up to the WindEnergy fair in September. The aim is to give people more information about the energy transition in Germany and to present drivers of innovation and new technology.

Wind energy plant in virtual-reality lab

Scientists will illustrate their projects using models and in lectures and experiments at the energy campus. A virtual reality lab will let people see the interior of a wind energy plant. The future energy supply model based on renewable energies as well as the latest developments in energy storage systems and load management will be presented in the smart grid labor. Prof. Dr. Werner Beba, Director of CC4E, said: “Energy transition and the development of a future-orientated and sustainable energy system is a century-long task. We need clever, committed minds and technological innovations with great market capability. The energy campus offers an excellent platform for this and to show people the complex issues in a realistic manner and to create acceptance.”

EUR 3.5 million from ERDF

In February 2015, the technology centre was opened in Hamburg-Bergedorf. The HAW plans to co-operate with ReTec and build nearby the Windparks Curslack with five wind energy plants in the two to three megawatt class which can supply up to 15,000 households with environmentally-friendly electricity. The integrated network of research institutes with a real wind farm should create several research ventures and potential for synergy.

The Technology Centre Energy Campus (Technologiezentrum Energie-Campus) has received EUR 7.3 million in funds – EUR 3.8 million from the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and around EUR 3.5 million from the European Regional Development Fund.

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