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Detroit Impressed by Hamburg's City Bikes

StadtRAD to expand Hamburg's city bike offer by adding 40 rental stations and 500 bikes

“Let’s try bicycle lanes, Hamburg-style”, John Gallagher writes in Detroit’s Free Press, and continues “Hamburg, Germany, has unique bicycle lanes that can spark our thinking here in Detroit on how to create them”.

Public Biking of Broad Sideways

“Hamburg doesn’t put its bike lanes on the street, but rather on the sidewalks. And Hamburg sidewalks tend to be much wider than Detroit sidewalks, allowing plenty of room for both bicyclists and pedestrians. Hamburg reserves a lane on the sidewalk nearest the street for bicycles, and paves that lane with a different colored brick than found the adjacent pedestrian sidewalk.” Take this a best-practice, Gallagher demands in Detroit’s big daily published by the Gannett Company.

40 New Rental Stations, 500 Additional Bicycles

As part of its green mobility strategy, the Hamburg Senate is constantly investing into the expansion of its bike services and network. Now, 40 new rentals will be set up, making the red city bikes also available to the highly populated boroughs of Harburg, Bahrenfeld und Barmbek-Nord. Cyclists in Hamburg also benefit from the implementation of bus acceleration schemes, with bicycle facilities set up at every stop. Apart from rush hours, the transport of bikes on buses is allowed in Hamburg. Hamburg also implemented the city’s first fast lane dedicated to cyclists at Harvestehuder Weg. As part of the sustainable mobility strategy (which is part of Hamburg’s smart city policy), the city bike system “StadtRAD” has been expanded by 59 rental stations and 650 city bikes in the past three years to today’s 131 rental points and 1,650 vehicles. With customer and rental figures steadily rising, new record results are anticipated for 2014. In collaboration with the district offices and StadtRAD operator DB Rent GmbH of German Rail, the Hamburg Ministry of Economics, Transport and Innovation (BWVI) thus announced the installation of 40 new stations and 500 new bikes.

source and further details:
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Senate Chancellery

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