Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
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Kick-Off of Mobil.Pro-Fit in Hamburg

Hamburg promotes corporate mobility in a national pilot project. Business travel and commuting of employees is also to be optimised along green guidelines

In November 2014, Hamburg has been appointed as one of the country’s eleven model regions of Mobil.Pro.Fit. The nationwide pilot project initiated by the German Working Group for Environmental Management (B.A.U.M.) supports companies in the implementation of a sustainable mobility strategy. Next to the corporate fleet, the employees’ way to work and the mobility of business travels is being analysed in order to develop strategies for a sustainable efficient and climate-friendly mobility that are custom-tailored to the companies’ needs. Now, the scheme officially started.

Climate Protection Also Improves Annual Results

“With this pilot project, we show that also in the field of occupational mobility, climate protection and economy can go hand in hand. The development of sustainable mobility patterns, together with companies is not only an important step for in-house corporate development, but also for the sustainable protection and sustainable development of Hamburg as a leading business location”, said Martin Huber, head of the Office of Transport and Road Administration in the Ministry of Economics, Transport and Innovation (BWVI) at the official kick-off on 6 July 2015.

Sustainable Mobility management Is Gaining Importance

In addition to smaller and medium-sized enterprises such as the co-operative Hamburger Wohnen eG, the Hansa Funktaxi EC and indirect civic enterprises as the GMH building management Hamburg GmbH, also the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, the Sparda-Bank Hamburg eG, and the Hamburg Netz GmbH participate in the project. The diversity among the participants shows that the topic of sustainable mobility management is relevant to industry and company partners regardless of the enterprise’s size.

City and Companies Co-Operate

The project constitutes a link between local climate protection strategies and operational mobility requirements in regional networks. By participating in the project, companies become a partner of a regional network. Headed by the Hamburg Ministry of the Economy, Transport and Innovation, co-operation partners include, inter alia, the Environment Partnership Hamburg, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, and the Logistics Initiative Hamburg.

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