Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
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Energy Innovation Alliance Hamburg Presents its Project in Berlin

Entitled NEW 4.0, the inter-state project strive to deliver 100 per cent of green energies to Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein by 2035

A consortium from Hamburg and neighbouring Schleswig-Holstein has applied for funding of its NEW 4.0 (Northern German Enery Transition) project in Berlin in the framework of the “Showcasing Intelligent Energies – Wind” contest by the federal Ministry of Economy (BMWi). The project aims at covering the energy needs of the two German federal states by 2035 fully by renewable energies. Reinhard Meyer, Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister of Economy, and his Hamburg colleague Frank Horch, Dr. Ingrid Nestle, Secretary of State for Energy of Schleswig-Holstein, and Hamburg’s Minister of the Environment, Jens Kerstan, presented the NEW 4.0 project at a parliamentary evening in Berlin to representatives from business, science, and politics.

Pushing Ahead the Energy Transition

“This project shows the great potential in the field of energy policy existing in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg. With the combined expertise of business, science and politics, we can showcase the future of energy policy in our region and strongly promote it”, said Meyer.

Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of the Economy, added: “The NEW 4.0 project clearly demonstrates the excellent co-operation between our two countries. Together, it is possible to puss ahead the energy transition and to combine the strengths of both countries. Strengthened by the power and potential of the co-operation, we will be able to realise our goal of a complete supply by renewable energies to promote new innovations. “

More than 60 Partners

NEW 4.0 strives to emphasise the opportunities brought along by the energy transition. Furthermore, it will also prove that a region with many different centres of consumption can still be covered by 100 per cent by safe, cost-effective and environmentally safe renewable energy. More than 60 partners from all sectors of the region and cross-regional partners have thus joint the “Innovation Alliance for the Century Project of the Energy Transition”, The governments of both states support the alliance in their efforts.

Model for Germany

With approximately 40,000 employees in 700 companies active in the renewable energy sector, the model region boast a unique expertise in the field of renewables, which will represented by a multidisciplinary and complementary consortium along the entire value chain of the energy sector. By securing a stable, economic and ample supply of green energies to the region as a whole, which will then serve as a model for Germany as well as an example of a future energy union in Europe. In the project, Hamburg will be a major energy consumer and Schleswig-Holstein a major producer of renewable energy.

The Situation Today

With a 40 per cent share of renewables in its energy mix, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein have already reached the targets set for Germany for 2025. By launching a large test, the Innovation Alliance now wants to promote the unique chances offered by the energy transition and show how the necessary transformation of Germany’s energy system will be able to succeed. Thus, NEW 4.0 will prove by 2035 that the entire region, its 4.5 million inhabitants, and its industry will be able to be fully supplied by energy from renewable sources. “NEW 4.0 is the next logical step of the energy transition”, says Jens Kerstan.

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About the Energy Transition Alliance

The Innovation Alliance is headed by five experts from industry and science, i.e. Prof. Dr. Werner Beba from the HAW Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Matthias Boxberger, CEO HanseWerk AG and Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG, Dr. Martin Grundmann, managing director ARGE Netz, a co-operation of 300 partners of the renewable industries, Dr. Oliver Weinmann, managing director Vattenfall Europe Innovation GmbH as well as Michael Westhagemann, president of the industry association Hamburg and CEO Siemens Nord. The project is being steered by Frank Burkert, a partner of the consultancy company Ernst & Young.

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