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HAW researching systems for energy services

Work underway on real-time market platform for regionally generated energy or smart market

A team of scientists and entrepreneurs from nine European countries, headed by Professor Wolfgang Renz of the Faculty of Technology and IT at HAW, has developed a communications platform as a real-time marketplace, a press release said Thursday (June 28, 2019). This is part of the Open Systems for Energy Services (OS4ES) research project, which is subsidised by the EU.

Open information and market platforms

Open information and market platforms that facilitate rapid, direct, automated and flexible exchange of energy are needed to even out electricity grid supply fluctuations. They help use the potential of small generators and weather-dependent systems fluctuations can be managed or evened out. This international research project is called Open System for Energy Services for the Energy Grid of the Future (OS4ES). The partners from industry and applied research, along with the Laboratory for Multi-Medial Systems (MMLab) at HAW, worked jointly on the project between July 2014 and October 2017.

Information system and marketplace in one

“At the heart of the OS4ES system is the shareable registry that has largely been developed by MMLab. It is here that we store all the important information on the energy sources registered with us. In this way, operators of small renewable energy systems and storage facilities will be able to offer their capacity as energy services and be located and reserved by special programs (aggregators),” said Renz.

The registry is both information system and marketplace in one. The aggregators will be able to temporarily incorporate the energy services offered in their virtual power station and collate them with bookings. As the capacities are represented as standardised energy services, the computer program is able to compare different energy sources, estimate utilisation risks and also secure the best price.

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