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Hamburg to Sustainably Expand E-Mobility

Nearly 600 new charging stations for zero-emission vehicles until summer 2016. Uniform standard. Competent partner in setting up the civic charging network: hySOLUTIONS GmbH

In Hamburg and its surrounding metropolitan area, more than 1,000 electric cars are currently in use. Within the framework of projects funded by the Federal Government, 750 electric vehicles used by companies, the public sector or by neighbourhood car-sharing will be joining the streets of Hamburg by 2016.

Masterplan For An Advanced Charging Network

Already back in August 2014, Hamburg News reported on the city’s new master plan for the expansion of a fast and reliable charging infrastructure for e-cars. On behalf of the Hamburg Senate, hySolutions GmbH will thus be examining locations for new charging stations until March 2015. The city intends to set up 296 new e-service stations with a total of 592 charging points until August 2016, allowing to simultaneously charge two electric cars. Help in finding charging points will be provided by a new smart phone app, available by mid-2015 at the latest. The utilisation frequency of the charging stations set up by Vattenfall Europe Innovation and Hamburg Energie since 2011 has been steadily growing, with charges increased by 40 per cent alone from April to July 2014. Each day, an average of five customers use the stations.

Quick Charging While Shopping

At 181 locations, charging will only take 60 minutes thanks to quick charging technology. Even faster will be the so-called DC charging points offering both AC and DC connections. There, “filling up” will only take 30 minutes. Hamburg is a pioneer in DC charging of e-cars, with the AEZ as Europe’s first shopping center boasting a 3-in-1 rapid charger that allows to charge enough energy of a 100 km range within half an hour. All three popular quick charger plugs. i.e. Mennekes, CHAdeMO and CCS, can be used by the electric car drivers in this quick charger. In Hamburg’s shopping arcades Billstedt Center and Elbe-Einkaufszentrum, conventional charging of e-cars is offered.

Uniform Standard

Hamburg will invest some 5.2 million euro into the expansion of its e-car charging network, with the city state covering 4.1 million euro of total cost. The Federal Government will contribute 600,000 euro, industry partners further 500,000 euro. Germany plans to see one million e-cars on its roads by 2020. For the construction of the stations, the requirements for publicly accessible charging infrastructure were unified. Furthermore, e-cars have been allowed to park for free in Hamburg since April 2014.

Public Authorities And Local Businesses Promote E-Mobility

In its master plan “climate change”, the Hamburg Senate obliged public authorities to primarily use electric vehicles for passenger car and commercial vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes. By the end of the year 70 of the 240 civic vehicles operated by Hamburg’s authorities will feature an electric drive. By 2016, there will be more than 400. Hamburg thus assumes a pioneering role in Germany. Meanwhile, also Hamburg’s enterprises are increasingly convinced by the assets and advantages of e-cars.

Small And Large Pioneers

One of the pioneers of e-mobility is Hermes. In the pasts years, the OTTO subsidiary has been recognised of its efforts in green logistics with numerous awards. In 2010, Hermes was granted the HanseGlobe, In 2011, the company was among the finalists for the Eco Performance Award 2011, in 2013, its was distinguished as excellent air quality partner of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Next to global players and large companies, also locals SME’s meanwhile operate electric cars, including the Hamburg-based Ubilabs GmbH, the Kleist- und Volksparkapotheke, the Öhlmann carpentry shops, or the Guild of Hamburg’s Chimney Sweep Guild. According to a forecast by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, 18,000 electric cars (15,400 cars and 2,800 small truck) will be operated by local companies by 2020.

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HySOLUTIONS is an joint-venture of Hamburger Hochbahn (61 ), Vattenfall Europe (25 %), DNV GL (6 %), the Hamburg Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts, and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce (4 each). Main target of the company is the promotion of sustainable green mobility solutions in public transport. Next to projects like “Hamburg – Wirtschaft am Strom“, “Eco-Fleet Hamburg“ or “E-Quartier“, these also include the management of e-vehicles fleet in the framework of the “Regional Project Directorate Model Region Electro Mobility Hamburg”. To initiate the exchange and networking of e-car users, dedicated events and meetings are also initiated and hosted by hySOLUTIONS.

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