Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
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Hamburg supports green roofs

Attractive funding conditions for green roof constructions. Private house owners with roof tops that support planting will proft of a 40 per cent funding starting in August

The subsidy will be paid both for refurbishing the roof as well as green roofs and new buildings. Owners of bigger scaled buildings will receive funding for planting on their roofs, too. Until 2020, the senate plans to increase the area of green roofs to 100 hectars – double the size of inner-city park Planten un Blomen.

Optical and ecological upvaluation

“The funding is an important component of Hamburgs green roof stategy, with which we want to push the planting on roofs in the city. Our goal is to plant an extra 100 hectar until 2020”, explains enviromental senator Jens Kerstan. “A green roof offers many advantages: it upvalues the building both optically and ecologically, offers an enviroment for plants and animals, increases the climate of the city and the building – and the owners save 50 percent of the rainwater disposal. Green roofs are also a positive step concerning the adaption to the climate change, especially in a growing metropolis.”

No pay back

Private owners, who decide on a green roof between 20 and 100 square meters in size, will from now on receive a one time grant of 40 percent of the production cost of the roof planting, which will not have to be paid back. Further subsidies can be added. For bigger rooftops and commercial owners, the funding sum will increase with each measure.

Advantages for the enviroment

The new green areas on the roofs increase the quality of the local climate. They cool down and clean the air, bind particulate matter and CO2. Green roofs milden the outcome of strong rain and relieve the sewers by holding back 40 to 90 percent of the rain water. Simple rooftop plants do not require extensive care and increase the biodiversity in the city.

The exact conditions are explained in “Förderrichtlinie für die Herstellung von Dachbegrünung auf Gebäuden“ at

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