Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
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German Renewables Award 2015

Finalists of the German Renewables Award selected

Energy self-sufficient houses, new storage solutions – innovative strength, creativity and the current needs of the renewable energy sector are key criteria when granting the German Renewables Awards. 2015, the jury selected three nominees for each of the three categories. The prize-giving gala of the German Renewables Awards 2015 will take place during the five-year celebration of EEHH cluster on 3 December 2015 to be celebrated at Hamburg’s Empire Riverside Hotel.

Award for the Best

“The century project of the energy transition can only succeed with the renewable energy industry maintaining its courage and inventiveness. The applications submitted in the fourth year of the German Renewables Awards clearly demonstrate that the actors in our industry continue to work tirelessly, creatively and successfully in the success of the energy revolution. We are proud that our expert jury will honour the best among them in the course of our five-year anniversary”, says Jan Rispens, Managing Director EEHH.

Generation of Electricity from Waste Heat

In the category “Product Innovation of the Year”, applicants submitted their ideas for re-use of surplus energy or heat. Finalists include a modern electrolyser of Siemens AG, a house storage for solar power from EWE, and an ORC)system from DeVeTec for the electrification of waste heat from renewable energy sources. Overall, 14 companies competed in this category.

A Self-Powered House

In the “Project of the Year” category, The Hamburg project “Wind Gas” by Hanse AG factory shows how surplus wind power can be converted into gas. The role of intelligent storage and operating strategies for the local power supply is the focus of the Smart Region Pellworm, a joint project by Hansewerk and the Schleswig-Holstein Netz GmbH. last but not least, a self-sufficient with energy building up by Solarnova with a combination of PV roof and facade modules is one of the three nominees in this category.

New Welding Techniques

In the category “Student Work of the Year”, Thomas Kohlsche of the TU Hamburg-Harburg adresses the acoustic modeling for impact hammer to reduce noise emissions of offshore wind farms. Florian Roscheck from FH Flensburg programmed a robot with welding techniques for the production of wind turbine towers. Longer lifetime of power electronics components has been the subject of the thesis of Christian Falck at the University of Kiel. Overall, eleven graduates competed in the category. The German Renewables Award for best student work of the year” is endowed with 5,000 euro.

Industry network for renewable energy

In the category “Lifetime Achievement”, the jury had to choose one winner from twelve nominees. The EEHH Cluster has been granting the German Renewables Award in four categories since 2014. In even-numbered years, the award ceremony takes place at the international trade fair “WindEnergy Hamburg” : http: // instead. The jury is composed of eight experts from the renewable energy industry.Comprising 180 members, EEHH the industry network for renewable energies in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region.

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