Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
Gläsernes Energiehaus auf Gut Karlshöhe © Schuckmann

Four renewable energy projects from Hamburg

Pioneers in Hamburg and EEHH bring energy-saving resources closer to public

The HAW Hamburg’s Competence Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (CC4E) opened its doors to the public on May 28 and is one of four scheduled open days by the Renewable Energies Hamburg Cluster in the run-up to the WindEnergy fair in September. Prof. Dr. Werner Beba, Director of CC4E, said: “Energy transition and the development of a future-orientated and sustainable energy system is a century-long task. We need clever, committed minds and technological innovations with great market capability.”

“WindGas” from the windy north

HanseWerk is to present a power-to-gas-facility at its site in Hamburg-Reitbrook on June 4. There, electricity produced from renewable energy sources is converted into hydrogen and fed into the gas grid. On open day, experts will explain how the facility works. Hamburg is particularly suitable for this pilot project as wind gas from the windy north can be transported from there to industrial consumer centres all over Germany.

Electricity for 4,000 households

On June 18, the Energieberg Georgswerder will open its doors to the public. Hamburg Energie turned the former air-raid shelter in Wilhelmsburg into an “energiebunker” using ERDF funds. It now supplies Wilhelmsburg with heating from an innovative mix of regenerative heat sources. The first wind turbines were erected in the 1990s and a large wind power station was set up on the hill in 2011 and a photovoltaic plant was installed on the south slope. The hill supplies around 4,000 households with electricity from wind and solar energy and has been operated by the Stadtreinigung since 2014.

Hamburg Water Cycle

Visitors can have a look at other interesting environmental technologies set up by the Hamburg Environment Centre on a nine-hectare site at Gut Karlshöhe on July 2. The Hamburg Water Cycle is a new type of drainage system there and uses rainwater as well as purifying grey water and using black water as an energy biomass. Visitors can also view a 160-square metre photovoltaic facility and a vitreous building with energy-saving heating technology.

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