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B+R system foresees 3,400 bike parking spaces in 2017

Senate's concept gains pace - 28,000 B+R spaces at 133 train stations in Hamburg by 2025

Around 3,400 refurbished or new bicycle parking spaces will be made available at 13 suburban railway stations, four express train stations and at Hamburg’s main railway this year as part of plans by P+R Betriebsgesellschaft mbH, a press release said Thursday. Around 2,000 new Bike+Ride spaces have already been provided this year e.g. in Ohlstedt where the first such facility with over 200 spaces opened in March. Another new facility with around 750 spaces will open in Berne in late May. Andreas Rieckhof, State Councillor in the Ministry for Economics, Transport and Innovation, said: “An attractive B+R offer and safe parking facilities at express train stations will allow us to combine bicycles and public transport making it even more attractive and easing inner city traffic. Noise and emissions are playing increasingly important roles. We want to get that under control. The potential that lies in linking bicycle and local public transport is often underestimated.”

Concept foresees 28,000 B+R spaces

The senate’s overall concept, presented in 2015, foresees improved links between bicycles and local public transport and providing 28,000 B+R spaces at all 133 express stations by 2025. Around 12,000 of the 28,000 spaces have yet to be built. The senate is providing EUR 31 million in funds and the programme will be implemented by the P+R Betriebsgesellschaft. In recent years, three new facilities have been created in Saarlandstraße (180 spaces), Poppenbüttel (540 spaces) and Othmarschen (110 spaces). Eight to 13 facilities will either be built or refurbished in future.

Model biking cities – Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Münster

The P+R planners have identified opportunities for more bicycle parking spaces at all long-distance train stations in Hamburg i.e. Harburg, Dammtor, Altona, Diebsteich and at the main railway station. The bike stations there will also provide repair services and bike-wash facilities modelled on cities like Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Münster with such existing facilities. Feasibility studies are being carried out in Hamburg at present.

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