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EEHH enters north European innovation partnership

Cluster and 20 partners to create framework conditions for sustainable energies. EU funding project with EUR 5.3 million

The Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster and 20 partners bordering the North Sea including Britain, Germany and Norway have agreed to create a platform for SME innovation partnerships in sustainable energy systems by 2020, a press release said Monday (October 24th). The project is being funded with EUR 5.3 million from the EU-INTERREG North-Sea programme and is led by Aalborg in Denmark.

Workshops and feasabiliity studies

From joint innovation processes, technical and structural solutions will be developed to meet the challenges facing the involved cities and regions en route to transforming their system towards sustainable energy integration. This includes the sector coupling energy, household and traffic domains. Workshops, feasibility studies and tender preparations will help develop the market for efficient system concepts. Eight cluster initiatives will organise the innovation processes. Networks, municipalities and cities in the regions will support the processes by developing the framework at the same time.

EUR 3.1 million in funds

EEHH is active in other international areas as well. The cluster is a technology transfer and marketing partner in the Interreg- Baltic Sea project “green power electronics – innovation via new materials” until 2019. The project is receiving EUR 3.1 million and involves 38 partners from universities and research fields as well as SMEs and cluster networks. The Mads Clausen Institute at the University of Southern Denmark is managing the project while the DSN in Kiel will be responsible for the project management. The initiative aims to illustrate the verified advantages of material improvements with silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) in three pilot demonstrators.

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