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Electro-mobility in the North Sea region

Eleven international project partners to present the results of three years of co-operation in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce on 1 September. Registration until 25 August 2014.

The complex challenges of the transnational adoption of electric mobility its the key topic of the conference “Fostering Electric Mobility in the North Sea Region” held at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce on 1 September 2014. Organised by the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg), registration for the conference on the EU closes on 25 August.

Better use of potentials

Many European regions and cities, and particularly those in the booming North Sea region, are currently developing strategies and plans of actions to promote electro mobility. In relation to climate change and air quality objectives for local as well as regional traffic. In regard to climate change and air quality, e-mobility offers a huge potential in lowering emissions caused by traffic. Nevertheless, the introduction of electro-mobility solutions is still limited to only a few cities and regions. Thus, many opportunities for the development and growth of sustainable, climate-friendly mobility solution remain unused.

The results of the project partners

As part of the conference on September 1, eleven international project partners will present the key results of their three-year collaboration. Conference topics will range from the latest findings to plans of action and best practices from areas such as: multi-level policy-making (multi-level legislation), strategy development, charging infrastructure, integrated smart grid concepts, conceptual design of E-Mobility information centres and the use of electric mobility in the field of urban logistics and cargo. Another highlight will be talk of keynote speaker Dr. Martijn van der Steen from the Netherlands School of Public Administration on the future of electric mobility in Europe in the coming years.

Free participation with registration

The team of HAW’s research and transfer centre “Applications of Life Sciences” will organise the event as a senior partner of the EU project. The conference language is English. Participation is free, with registration reguired.

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On E-Mobility NSR

The project North Sea Region Electric Mobility Network (E-Mobility NSR) provides state of the art information which may help policy development in e-mobility in the NSR. It also allows insight into the gaps and needs in respect of infrastructure, logistics and preliminary standards for multi charging techniques. Ultimately, the project will deliver a long-term basis upon which regional and local governments as well as other relevant stakeholders in the NSR may engage on e-mobility.

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