Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
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DZ-4 To Co-Operate With SolarWorld And E3/DC

Hamburg start-up expanded sales structure and offers new quality products

German/U.S. solar manufacturer SolarWorld has entered into a partnership with the Hamburg-based leasing provider DZ-4 to roll out solar and battery kits in Germany. Potential residential customers can enter in a ten-year lease with DZ-4 for a SolarWorld solar-plus-storage residential kit. “We are pleased to now have products the leading German manufacturer for use with SolarWorld,” said DZ-4 managing director Florian Bergshausen. “In doing so, we can serve customers who value high quality and production in Germany.”

Fourth Revolution In Technology

Hamburg-based DZ-4 has been working on pushing ahead the the so-called fourth revolution in technology since 2011. After the agricultural, industrial, and digital revolution, the transition to renewable energies and new approaches to energy supply have triggered off the fourth revolution.

The founders of the energy start-up boast many years of experience in industries related to renewable energy. Co-founder Tobias Schütt, for instance, has researched new market models for solar energy in sunny California. His staff has already been active in sales and marketing for the solar industry operates. They all possess the needed expertise to make their business model a success, with currently employing a staff of five full-time workers.

Homeowners’ Rooftops To Turn Into Solar Plants

DZ-4 allows individuals to secure sustainable supply homegrown green electricity without investments. Responsible for the planning, financing and operation of the solar plant of one’s home roof top will be DZ-4. Only a monthly rent has to be paid by the customer, who will also benefit from long-term stable electricity prices.

The system feeds the power from the roof directly into the power grid of the customer. At night, it is powered by a a storage system charged with solar power during the day. And on days when the light is low and the sun not shining, certified green electricity is obtained. “We [are] convinced that we return to our customers and their families a piece of independence, and the ability to live sustainably,” says Janik Reitel, Head of Procurement and Construction. DZ-4’s all-inclusive package only charges a flat rate to the lease plus a basic amount for any green electricity not produced at home.

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