Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
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Big Data giving Anemos insight into wind farms' requirements

Reppenstedt-based company analyses potential of wind turbines

Wind farms operators are keen to learn as early as possible whether their envisaged projects are worthwhile. This comes against the backdrop of the German government’s Renewable Energy Sources Act. The legislation boosts competition between wind farm operators and keeps the costs of the renewable expansion low, according to the German Ministry of Economics and Energy. This is where the Luneburg-based firm Anemos comes in.

Representatives in Turkey and France

A team of meteorologists, geographers and computer scientists in Reppenstedt prepares financial reports for planned wind farms. “This enables us to forecast the expected yield of the wind farms,” said Lasse Blanke, Authorised Representative at Anemos. Both the operators of the wind turbines and the financing banks are customers. Anemos works mostly with companies throughout Germany and has a few worldwide operators of wind farms among its clientele. In addition to the 16 employees who work in Reppenstedt, representatives of Anemos are based in the Turkish capital Ankara and in Dijon, France.

Data analysis for improving wind farms

Founded in the late 1980s, the company has produced so-called wind atlases, which provide information on wind conditions in Germany, other European countries or a specific region. Anemos secured a contract from the German Environmental Agency in early 2019 and its employees are currently calculating wind speeds throughout Germany in co-operation with the agency. Based on these calculations, legislators then adjust the compensation for new wind turbines in the various regions. The analysis of big data has gained importance for the company recently. The data including wind data, temperatures and the speed of the generators gives Anemos and its customers information on how to improve existing wind turbines. Blanke noted: “The wind farms are constantly recording huge amounts of data, which we analyse to get as much power out of the turbines as possible.”

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